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Functional Facials

Image of Functional Facials


Brooklyn Herborium’s Functional Facials are specifically tailored to your skin’s needs in order to support the skin in its quest to function at optimal vibrancy. Functional Facials, as a cornerstone of your personal skin care, can help to resist and reset the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors. In addition, consistent meetings with your Holistic Skin Care Specialist will give you the support you need to continue along your healing journey.

The ideal balance of relaxation with deep cleansing
60 minutes

All clients who are still working through congestion and dehydration dysfunctions should start with a Level 1 Facial.

These facials include:

• Holistic consultation with analysis
• Cleansing
• Gentle exfoliation (as appropriate)
• Steaming with herbs (as appropriate)
• Manual removal of debris (extractions, including milia as appropriate)
• Customized, hand-blended treatment mask
• Treatment massage to promote overall vitality

Functional Facial + one of our results-oriented, pinpointed, Integrative Therapies specifically tailored to your needs
75 minutes

• Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair
Barrier Repair Therapy is suitable for anyone who experiences symptoms related to the skin’s oil and water balance. This may include: Oily patches, enlarged pores, chapped skin, and dry (flakey) patches.

• Integrative Therapy for Biome Rehabilitation
Biome Rehabilitation is appropriate for anyone who is experiencing symptoms related to biome integrity. Symptoms include pimples with pus, uneven textured areas and large, inflamed, painful welts that tend towards infections.

• Integrative Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity
The Holistic Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity can be helpful to anyone who wants to support the way their skin cells communicate. Clients with over-reactivity, such as inflammation, rosacea, a tendency towards hives and eczema have benefitted from this therapy.

• Integrative Therapy to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars
Clients of all ages who want to improve the appearance skin that has been afflicted with past conditions that may have resulted in hyper-pigmentation, red spots, uneven skin texture, and scars. This therapy is only suitable for when the skin is functioning optimally—we do not perform this treatment if the skin is already experiencing an immune response.

• Integrative Therapy for Maintaining Radiance at Every Age
Clients of all ages want to maintain their radiance while improving the appearance of past conditions that may have resulted in loss of elasticity, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. This therapy is suitable for anyone, though most beneficial when the skin is functioning optimally.

And may include, if appropriate:
• Herbal compression
• Physiological modalities (LED Phototherapy, Fascia/Lymphatic Manipulation, Gua Sha)
• Energetic Modalities (Facial Point Stimulation-similar to reflexology or acupressure, Reiki, healing stones massage)
• Personalized take-home worksheets

Your Skin Care Specialist will ask you which Integrative Therapy you would prefer.

Functional Facial + Holistic Therapeutics tailored to your needs + Advanced Exfoliation
90 minutes

Your Holistic Skin Care Specialist will determine which Advanced Exfoliation method will best suit your needs:

• Diamond Dermabrasion with Ultrasonic Lift-off
Recommended for thickened skin with impacted congestion where we want phototherapy to penetrate deeply into.

• Alpha-Beta Peel
Recommended for re-setting oil function and giving the skin an amazing glow 10-15 days later

• Seasonal Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
Recommended for immediate gratification and promoting cellular renewal

Advanced Exfoliation Add Ons

• Diamonds & Pearls
An intense East meets West experience that allows for the deep penetration of Phototherapy lights, while prompting “higher spiral” cellular renewal. Currently only at our Windsor Terrace Location. $90

• Silk & Pearls
The ultimate in all-natural luxury, prepares the skin for penetration of light in phototherapy and leaves the face soft, silky and luminescent. Currently only at our Windsor Terrace Location. $90

Please speak with your Skin Care Specialist if you would like to add on either of these services.

Please note that we DO NOT perform Advanced Exfoliation by itself or to dysfunctional skin.