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Holistic Sample Kit

Image of Holistic Sample Kit


Little versions of all our Functional Skincare products. Choose what is best for your skin by trying our 4 Mineral Mists and 3 Perfection Clays. We also include our Organic Grain Cleanser and Make-up Remover, our Daily Facial Massage Oil, 2 unique Treatment Oils, and a delicious Herbal Steamer for an at-home facial. We include all the details on each product so you can read as you try them.

• Sow Your Wild Oats {Organic Grain Cleanser}
• Nourish & Replenish {Daily Facial Massage Oil}
• 4 Mineral Mists : Pore Refining, Sense & Sensitivity, Clear Complexion & Holy Cow {Use your sense of smell to determine which is right for your skin}
• NO EVIL {Make-up Removal}
• Cow Fart Juice {Herbal Remedy Oil}
• Seeds of Change Oil {Treatment Oil for damaged skin & wrinkles}
• 3 Perfection Clay Mixes : Pore Refining, Sense & Sensitivity, & Clear Complexion {Choose your Clay Mix to suit your own skin}
• Herbal Steamer {Lovely Herbs and Florals specially selected for facial steaming}
• Bumble Balm {Lip and Wound Care}

*Some products are single use (clay and steamer), others will last you a few uses, but do apply them generously to get the desired experience!