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Perfection: Clear Complexion Clay


When the body is utilizing the skin as an organ of elimination, this incredible blend of activated charcoal and clay is useful to “draw out” (not suppress or push back in) metabolic toxins. If your skin tends towards infections (pus), this can be used as a regular cleanser.


• Drawing-not drying
• Smooth and silky
• Purifying

Great for those who experience:

• Stress Bumps or “The Ghosts of Pimples Past”
• High histamine reactions and itchiness
• Pus or other immune responses

And may be looking to:

• Relieve itchy welts on the skin
• Decrease instances of the skin “purging”
• Gently draw out toxins (poison ivy, stings, etc)

Designed to get you through “stress bumps” by drawing out intra-cellular debris and toxins while encouraging blood flow to your problem areas. A enjoyable way to prevent infection and reduce inflammation and histamine reaction, we recommend keeping it moist and leaving it onfor 8-10 minutes.

Clay has traditionally been used to DRAW out (not dry out) impurities through the processes of adsorption and absorption. As good as gold, the Earth’s silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc and other minerals bind with metabolic and environmental toxins that other types of cleansing just don’t address. The bond they form is called an ionic bond, and we refer to the type of cleansing that our masks provide as ionic cleansing.

In addition to this special housekeeping duty, our clay mixes are formulated to support specific functional issues. By keeping the surface hydrated with various sea "weeds" (Kelp and Irish Moss) and maintaining an intact structural barrier, additional minerals from the sea as well as added zinc stay behind to energize the cells and increase intra-cellular communication.

All clay masks bring more blood flow to the surface of the skin, increasing circulation. On sensitive skin or individuals who have a tendency towards redness, this may give them a flushed look upon removal. This is a beneficial action and should not cause alarm. The Sense & Sensitivity is suitable for all types of sensitive skin--in fact, when mixed it is very much like calamine lotion.

How to begin working our clay masks into your rituals and skin care regimen:

Use as a cleanser 1-2 times a week. Great before a shower.
Use as a mask 1x/week
Make a paste and use as a spot treatment when needed.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Montmorillonite (green), Rhassoul, Activated Charcoal, Irish Moss, Zinc
Best used within 1 year. This product prefers cool & dry conditions out of direct sunlight.
May stain washcloths and clothing.