Honey Tapping Face Mask

  • Honey Tapping Face Mask
  • Honey Tapping Face Mask

- Specially used with Beauty Rituals to enhance benefits by giving the skin an added boost of excitement -

We are so grateful to our friends the bees who work so hard to create this pure raw honey from the nectar of flowers. It truly is one of the greatest gifts of nature in terms of its vitality and vibrance. Neroli, the blossom of the orange, and red raspberry complement the sweet beauty within. Honey has long been used as a face masque for the ancients, lauded for it's balancing and helpful microbial properties, our use here is simply to beautify.

Use two pumps of mask in your palm and mix with 2 sprays
of mineral mist to incorporate. Spread mask over the face using rolling motions with the finger pads, alternating with gentle presses from the fingertips. Continue these motions until the mask sticks to the fingers, pulling debris from the pores. Spray face with mist one time to reduce sticking, and repeat the first part. Rinse with warm water and a cloth, follow with a few sprays of mineral mist.


After years of using these ingredients in our treatment room, we finally have formulated and bottled small batches of three lovely treatments purely for beauty. When you have been doing all the supportive things, lifestyle, mind and spirit aligned, and your skin is perfect, what's next? Some fun! A little bit of excitement for your routine to make your skin work just a bit and flourish that much more.