2023 Workshops

$79.00 - $252.00
  •  2023 Workshops
  •  2023 Workshops
  •  2023 Workshops
  •  2023 Workshops
  •  2023 Workshops

Spring & Summer Workshops
Our workshop space is limited, so please reserve your class early.



The Art of Pimplewhispering
Saturday 4/22/23, 9:30am-12:30pm
$69 class fee/ $10 materials fee

Led by our very own Emma Graves, Wise-Woman Herbalist, Holistic Esthetician, and co-owner of Brooklyn Herborium.

Do you want to know how to identify exactly where a pimple, red spot, facial irritation, or discoloration is coming from using Brooklyn Herborium’s tried and true methods? This workshop with Emma gives you all the tools you need to examine your own skin (as well as the skin of everyone you meet) in order to identify the culprit, get current discomforts to disappear ASAP, and prevent future trouble. Don’t just cover up your skin problems with makeup or try to control and issue with products—find out the root cause with Pimplewhispering.

Workshop will include:
• Herbalcrafting Herbal Steamer.
• Handouts: Pimplewhispering Charts, Supportive Skincare Regimen
• Q & A with Emma the Pimplewhisperer


Hands-on Ayurvedic Oil Preparation
Sunday 5/7/23, 1:00pm - 4pm
$64 class fee/ $15 materials fee

Learn the traditional two-step method of preparing herbal oils for topical use per the ancient mind-body healing system of Ayurveda. You’ll take home a multipurpose herbal oil to enjoy as part of your skin care rituals (and learn the practice of abhyanga, or self-massage with oil) and a medicated brahmi ghee (clarified butter) to support cognition, sleep, and mental health. Led by Ayurvedic practitioner and Brooklyn Herborium collaborator Jennifer Kurdyla (see bio at the bottom of page).

The Path to Metabolic Harmony
Saturday 5/20/23, 9:30am-12:30pm
$69 class fee/ $10 materials fee

Led by our very own Emma Graves, Wise-Woman Herbalist, Holistic Esthetician, and co-owner of Brooklyn Herborium.

Let go of the idea of balancing your hormones and instead embrace the concept of metabolic harmony. When your body is not making the right hormones at the right time, dis-orders such as Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS, Hormonal Acne, Estrogen Dominance, Insulin Resistance, Adrenal Fatigue, and many others start to appear. In this three-hour workshop, you will learn exactly how to start where you are and give your body what it needs when it needs it in order to let your body correct the imbalance in the precise way that your body needs it.

Workshop will include:
• Herbalcrafting Project: Mineral Boosting Herbal Vinegar
• Handouts: Metabolic Harmony, Blood Sugar, Detox Pathways
• Q & A with Emma the Pimplewhisperer


Summer Radiance Ritual
Sunday 6/4/23, 1:00pm - 4pm
$62 class fee/ $17 materials fee

As we approach the apex of the wheel of the year—the summer equinox—finding time to pause and nurture your radiance through personalized wellness rituals is an essential part of maintaining health in body, mind, and spirit.

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the traditional concept of the “wheel of the year” and discover how the energy of the seasons aligns with our internal energy. Enjoy an afternoon of self-love and attuning to your heart wisdom, with self-care practices, meditation and journaling, and herbal crafting designed to help you create your own daily rituals to support the season of your life. Together, we’ll draw on nature’s abundant plant medicine and the energy of the last full moon of spring to clarify our intentions and rejuvenate from the inside-out in preparation for the summer season ahead. Led by Ayurvedic practitioner and Brooklyn Herborium collaborator Jennifer Kurdyla (see bio at the bottom of page).

Herbal craft: An herbal body care product


March - CLOSED
Maiden, Mother, Crone: Wise Woman Circle for Hormonal Shifts
Saturday 3/18/23, 9:30am-12:30pm
$64 class fee/ $15 materials fee

Led by Emma Graves, our holistic herbalist and aesthetician, and Jennifer Kurdyla our Ayurvedic expert and herbalist. Herbal support for Menstruation, Peri-menopause & Menopausal periods, and hormonal shifts which occur around birth.
We will introduce rituals to connect with the lunar cycles regardless of menstrual cycle. Learn how to harness the creative energy that shifts during this huge leap from Maiden to Motherhood to Cronehood.

Workshop will include:
• The opportunity to connect with and hear the stories of women who are in a similar period of life. Individualized advice for an herbal approach to hormonal shifts.
• Lunar rituals and crystals (because crystals for everything!)
• Herbalcrafting Blessed Recovery Tea for Hormonal Shifts and other supportive herbal goods.

February - CLOSED
Deep Midwinter Rituals
Sunday 2/5/23, 1pm-4p
$64 class fee/ $15 materials fee

New Year, Same You
Led by Jennifer Kurdyla, our esteemed Ayurvedic expert and herbalist. Together we will set intentions for the new year and learn more about seasonal and physical cycles of self care. We will perform a ritual for setting our intentions, sweeping out the old, a welcoming in the new. Held on a powerful day of the full moon, perfect for maximizing our personal manifesting capabilities.

Workshop will include:
• Learn about the wheel of the seasons
• Learn methods of self care, according to our natural cycles
• Herbalcrafting something special for the new year (TBD)

January - CLOSED
Crystals as Tools
Sunday 1/22/23, 1pm-4p
$64 class fee/ $15 materials fee

Join Brooklyn Herborium's co-Owner Molly Watman for creative play with Crystals. Learn how to choose crystals for help with specific intentions and leave with ideas for Crystal Grids as well as a small core collection of crystal assistants. We will cover some crystal lore and historical use as well as a chakra-based color system for aligning crystals to the body meridian. We will herbalcraft a custom crystal elixir to take home.

Workshop will include:
• Learn the properties of a core set of crystals
• Learn how to make a crystal grid
• Herbalcrafting a Crystal Elixir Mist
• Take home a small set of crystals to work with


Jennifer Kurdyla is an accomplished Ayurvedic practitioner and has taught workshops at Brooklyn Herborium this past fall. She has assisted us in leading our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship and led weed walks with our local school groups. She is a truly radiant being and we are honored to work with her.
Visit her site here.

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If a class doesn't have enough participants to run, it may be cancelled and either refunded or credit given to those who purchased.

We offer wellness workshops at our Windsor Terrace location throughout the year. We also offer custom workshops for larger groups according to your interest. Please email us for a special request.